Wellness Rituals: Ashley Chew is an artist whose paintings focus on the resilience, rest, regality & visibility of marginalized groups

Ashley Chew is an Artist based in New York, NY. Chew’s paintings focus on the resilience, rest, regality and visibility of marginalized groups. This is a direct contrast of the trauma depicted across mass media. Chew works across; painting, illustration, murals, installations, dyes, leather goods, hand-lettering, and silkscreening. Chew’s work has been featured in Spike Lee’s Netflix series “She’s Gotta Have It”, exhibitions throughout New York City, and is in permanent collection at Centraal Museum in Utrecht, Netherlands.

What does wellness mean to you?

Wellness to me means showing up as your best self in the best way that you can. Wellness has a deep effect on our confidence, work, relationships, and social environments. As someone that does physical work such as painting, I try to make sure I feel physically ok enough to create. A great mentality has impact too. I make it a point to not create work from negative emotions.

How do you get back on track once you fall off the wagon?

When I fall off the wagon in my wellness schedule, I just start over. It is ok to miss a few workouts or enjoy the amazing food New York City has to offer. One day at a time. I try my best not to dwell on what I did not accomplish yesterday. I am very forward thinking. Starting your routine over the next day is better than not at all. I’ve found that journaling your progress in anything to be helpful. That way if you miss a day or two, you can look back at all that you have done so far, and not get discouraged.

What are some common misconceptions about wellness?

A big misconception about wellness is that it is only accessible to wealthy people. I cook most of my food, make my own protein shakes with simple ingredients, body weight exercise, reading, meditation, walking many of the parks throughout the city, and sometimes riding a bike. Being from the Midwest, I had to figure out accessible solutions a long the way. New York City has so many options for gyms, fitness classes, clubs, beauty treatments, and nutrition. Not everyone has the resources, funding, or access to them. Sometimes the privilege is time, do the best you can.


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