How to treat nail ridges the natural way

What are even nail ridges? Nail ridges are very light/subtle vertical lines on the nails that don’t go away for a long time. Typically they represent a normal sign of aging. Although a natural body response that happens with time, nail ridges are something you can prevent. But this requires more internal changes rather than external, as nail ridges are a sign that your body is trying to communicate with you.



Nail ridges can appear due to diet change or skin dryness. It can also be a sign of protein, calcium, or Vitamin deficiency. You wouldn’t believe how much nail ridges actually have to do with your mental health. Stress can be another cause of ridged and brittle nails. But be vary that deep horizontal ridges might actually be a sign of diabetes.


What are some ways we can prevent nail ridges?

1. Manage stress and keep a balanced life. Do things that make you happy and elevate your mood, whether that’s yoga, meditation, or journaling.

2. We recommend you also use sundays base coat as a way to protect your nails from chemical and sun damage while keeping them hydrated.


B.01-Hydrating Base Coat


3. Improve your diet. Try to include more Vitamin-rich foods like spinach, broccoli, sweet potato, and avocado.


How to treat nail ridges?

1. If your diet changed recently, make sure you’re getting everything your body needs, including protein, calcium, and Vitamins. If you’re not quite sure what the cause might we, taking supplements such as Biotin is always the way to go. It’s a form of Vitamin that helps nourish your hair and nails. 

2. Try to sleep and rest more. Also exercise regularly to help balance your stress level and to check-in with yourself and what your body needs.

3. Sometimes ridges appear as a normal aging sign. So we say you just embrace it! If you’d like to give your nails natural shine and improved appearance, you can do a light buff. You can also use our ridge filler base coat if you want to achieve a smoother look when applying nail polish.


B.04-Ridge Filler Base Coat


Bk.02-Buff Kit


Whether it’s due to internal causes or simply aging, the appearance of nail ridges is a reminder to take care of ourselves. Sometimes it’s a blessing in disguise because our bodies are really telling us: “Hey! Take care of me.”  Listen to what your body needs and treat it love and care it deserves.

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