Gels without the damage? Here’s how…

Long-lasting, low-maintenance and high-shine – gel polishes are particularly popular this time of year as people get vacay-ready and ready to flaunt more skin (and nails).

One of the most common questions we’re asked is “Is Gel Polish bad for my nails?

And while the truth is they CAN cause more harm than regular polish, you can follow these simple steps to ensure your nails stay healthy, and damage is kept to a minimum.

Give it a break

Like most things, gels are good in moderation. We recommend gel as an occasional polish, not for regular use – once in a while for a getaway or a special occasion is fine, but it’s important to give your nails time to recover and breathe between treatments.

Watch the clock (or calendar)

The length of time you leave your gel polish on for will greatly affect how the gel impacts your nails – the longer the amount of time, the greater the chance for thin nails after removal. We recommend 2 to 2.5 weeks for a gel treatment.

Know your gel

Not all gel polishes are the same, in fact, there are two different kinds: soft gels and hard gels. Hard gels are far more stubborn to remove, and require filing to break the top seal. Soft gels are removed using a much gentler process, and therefore less likely to cause damage.

Don’t be picky

Sadly, the main reason people’s nails are left in bad condition after gels is because of improper removal. Picking or pulling at your gel polish will take a layer of nail with it! Get to a salon for a professional removal, unless you really know what you’re doing.

So, if you’re feeling fearful of gel polish, there’s no reason to be! It’s a terrific low-maintenance option for occasional-wear, just be sure to follow our maintenance advice to ensure your nails stay in good shape.

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