Fun facts about our nail polish

You probably know our polishes are vegan, 10-free, and non-toxic but do you know the story behind how they came about? Our founder, Amy Lin put all of her love and passion for health and beauty into perfecting the perfect nail polish formula. Every little detail, from packaging to the names of our polishes has a story behind it.  So here are some fun facts about our nail polishes!


 How it all started

 Our founder, Amy Lin was frustrated by the fact that she couldn’t find any non-toxic polishes in the market that would be healthy for both specialists and clients. She decided to create a formula of her own, working with chemists for a year until she finally perfected it. Each bottle was created with Amy’s passion to change the industry and create a polish that not only made you look good but also feel good.



1. The name “sundays”

 The name “sundays” was created on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Amy was writing on her table at home with a cup of tea and the sun was streaming through. She wanted the name to represent the feeling of warmth and coziness. What better to represent that than a sunny airy Sunday morning? The same feeling is brought to our studios and to our clients’ homes.


2. The names of our polishes

Have you noticed a lot of nail salons tape bottom stickers on the Essie or OPI nail polish bottles? The reason was to help nail specialists identify the colors among the collection of 600 different choices. We label the bottle with stickers to make our nail specialists’ work easier. Additionally, nobody working in the salon will be sweating about finding the super long tail name of nail polish, as we all recognize numbers. 



3. Why a limited number of colors

 One of our core values is timeless and we believe it is a sustainable value to our clients too. We want our clients to purchase a bottle of sundays color that is always on-trend, timeless, and to mindfully choose the colors for themselves. Inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese minimalist color schemes, our line of colors are muted and based on earthy tones. 


4. Made in the USA

 We decided to source locally in New York and have full quality control of our nontoxic formula, especially when we see so many pregnant women and little kids use nail polish! We have a made in the US security and certificate.


5. Our polishes are actually professional-grade and non-toxic

We worked with top salon experts in the nail industry to create the formula so you know you’re getting a professional-grade manicure even when you’re at home. Our products have the highest quality and the highest performance but are also super easy to manage for professional use ( the bottle design is created to make it easy to work with our polishes for up to 8 hours).


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