Does Nail Polish Expire?

Amy Answers All About Nail Polish Expiry

How long can both opened and unopened nail polish last in proper conditions?

Every product is different and this will depend on whether a polish is opened or unopened.
The shelf life of an unopened polish can last up to 5-8 years, and after opening the polishes last up to 2 years.


What are signs that a nail polish may be expired?

Check the texture of your polish, if you start to see particles and liquid is dried out because you’ve left it exposed too long, its probably a sign to throw it out. If it’s all gooey and thick, or you can see the separations of the color pigment and the solvents, it might be past its expiry.


Are there any things that expedite the expiration rate of nail polish?

Exposing your polish to a lot of air by not screwing the lid on the polish tightly will lead to ingredients in the polish evaporating and separating, causing the polish to lose its silky smoothness. Over time, the polish will thicken, which can make it challenging to apply.
Make sure to tighten the lid and clean the neck of the polish bottle to prevent air from coming into the bottle.


Do natural nail polish and other nail polish formulas have the same shelf life?

It is always best to check the labels on each polish which is outlined on the packaging. Nail polish made with clean ingredients often have less preservatives so the shelf life may be slightly shorter.


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