The Importance of a Strong Base Coat

You found our post on the importance of a strong base coat. Nail care is more than a cosmetic indulgence; it’s an essential part of maintaining overall hand health. A nail-strengthening base coat is one key product that can enhance the health and appearance of your nails. A nail-strengthening base coat is a clear or … Read more

Our Favorite Travel Nail Care Sets 2024

You found our list of our favorite travel nail care sets in 2024.  The Best Travel Nail Care Sets are curated collections of nail care tools designed for easy and efficient grooming while traveling. Nail clippers, cuticle pushers, and nail files are common tools included in these sets. These sets provide a convenient solution for … Read more

Introducing Our New Service: Red Light Signature Manicure

You found our blog post about Our New Service: Red Light Signature Manicure. Red Light Therapy Manicure is a nail care technique that uses low-level wavelengths of red light to improve nail health and appearance. For example, treatments might include rejuvenating aging nails, treating brittle nails, or enhancing the growth of healthy nails. The purpose … Read more

Step-by-Step & Tips for a Relaxing Hand Massage

With the dry winter weather upon us, coupled with constant hand sanitizing, there is plenty of pressure we’re adding to our hands and they often feel dried out. Enter sundays new Hand cream, the long awaited arsenal to soothe and hydrate dried chapped hands (and feet)! When it comes to using the new sundays hand … Read more

What Are Our Nail Specialists Doing to Practice Self-Care?

Our nail specialists always inspire us and are a wonderful, hardworking group of ladies. They are experts at taking care of our clients’ well-being, but we wanted to ask them how they are taking care of themselves. This self-care Sunday we wanted to share what our nail specialists are doing for their self-care! Hopefully, this … Read more

Self-Care Is About Giving Back & Supporting Women

sundays is proud to have partnered with Tara Stiles, a wellness expert and founder of Strala Yoga to create 3 new polish colors that really focuses on self-care by taking care of yourself, but also by giving back to the community. As founders of two wellness brands, Tara and Amy Lin’s partnership much more than … Read more

sundays x Tara Stiles Launch 3 New Polish Colors Celebrating Feelings of Creativity, Inspiration and Ease This Summer

sundays has teamed up with, Tara Stiles – a wellness expert and founder of Strala Yoga to create 3 new non-toxic polish colors to celebrate the feelings of creativity, inspiration, and ease this summer. These beautiful unique shades of pink and purple were developed to celebrate their partnership and create something special that could be … Read more

Caring for your hands during season change

As we welcome fall, our bodies will noticeably adjust to the crisp cool temperatures and the dryness of the air. Our hands and nails are no exception when it comes to bodily changes which is why you should be giving them extra love and attention especially with the turn of the season. Here are six … Read more

Why Use a Soy-Based Polish Remover? One Word: Hydration

Your nails should look beautiful even after you remove your nail polish. Polish removal is not always the most enjoyable experience, especially if you’re getting rid of the beautiful nail art you worked so hard on. But then again there’s also a quite satisfying side of polish removal, as you’re letting your nails breathe and … Read more

Easy at-home pedicure with Amy

Being able to do an at-home manicure is one thing, but doing a pedicure is a completely different situation. Especially if you don’t have professional salon tools at-home, in particular a pedicure chair. But you’d be surprised at how much you can achieve with just the tools you already have at-home. A simple plastic tub … Read more