Step-by-Step & Tips for a Relaxing Hand Massage

With the dry winter weather upon us, coupled with constant hand sanitizing, there is plenty of pressure we’re adding to our hands and they often feel dried out. Enter sundays new Hand cream, the long awaited arsenal to soothe and hydrate dried chapped hands (and feet)!

When it comes to using the new sundays hand cream, instead of slapping it on as an afterthought, even if it’s for just a few minutes, prioritizing a sundays acupressure hand massage can make a big difference in your day.We’ve put together all the tips + step-by-step tutorials for giving yourself a relaxing hand massage.


How to a sundays DIY hand acupressure ritual at home 

Pull out your hand cream and take a deep inhale as you open the bottle—mark this moment as an intentional time for you to connect to your body.

Step 1: Apply cream on your palm (adding a drop of our cuticle serum for best results), press both of your palms and then move your both hands in a circular direction until lotion is evenly applied on both hands.

Step 2:  Take one thumb and message the area just below your other thumb in a circular motion moving towards the center of the palm.  This pressure point helps with breathing and the respiratory system.

Step 3: move to the front of the hand, using the thumb press the point between thumb and index finger for 10 seconds. It helps with headaches and reduces stress.

Step 4: using your thumb and index finger to massage each finger and focus on pressure points at the tip of your fingers and knuckles. Pause and squeeze on each pressure point for 3 seconds. Those pressure points help you with your digestive system.

Step 5: repeat on the other hand.



The perfect times to take a moment for yourself through a hand-massage:

  • Add a hand-massage to your morning routine
  • Massage before bed

  • Massage during work day, take a break from typing or texting



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