Be Your Own Valentine

It’s February and self-love is in the air. As we all know, the beginning of February calls for hearts, all things pink and red, and of course, romance. But this year, romance is not exclusively for love between partners. We are encouraging our sundays fam to Be Your Own Valentine by romancing yourself and practicing self-love. We recognize that sometimes the hardest person to prioritize and show love to is yourself. This month, we want you to focus on yourself, pause, and reflect on how incredible you truly are. You deserve to slow down and shower yourself with heartfelt words and a thoughtful self-care routine. 


If it’s your first time practicing self-care, fear not. Here are some little things you can use every day to take care and show yourself love:



Valerie Oula



This practice can be done daily with as little as 5 to 10 minutes of calm in the form of guided meditation. We have partnered with Valerie Oula, founder of Modern Ritual NYC, yoga instructor, and reiki master, to bring our community curated meditations that are perfect for beginners looking to bring a little more mindfulness into their lives. Check out our Meditations on Spotify here.






Writing things down helps us process our emotions and gives us the ability to watch our personal growth through our own voice. A great way to begin journaling is to dedicate about 5 minutes to documenting your feelings and thoughts in that moment, and it could help you feel more at peace.






It’s the little things that help us make a lasting impact. Studies have shown that if you keep repeating positive mini-mantras daily, you will start to feel an elevated sense of confidence. We share these every Sunday in our newsletters and every week on our Instagram.





Treat Yourself

Gone are the days of treating yourself on Thursdays alone. We believe in treating yourself every day, even if they’re just little things like buying yourself dinner from that new restaurant you’ve been meaning to try or picking up those flowers that bring you so much joy. Treat yourself to whatever you love any day of the week.





Buff Mani Essentials 

Let your natural self shine through with this bundle, which includes everything you’ll need for a nourishing, non-toxic, at-home buff mani with a shine that will last for a whole week, and some in-depth self-reflection.






Self-Love Essentials

Treat yourself with this box of customizable goodies equipped with your favorite classic shades and a little something extra to remind you of how amazing you are.





Ultimate Self-Love Essentials 

Spoil yourself with the ultimate spa day experience, including our non-toxic candle of your choosing, manicure kit, and a few surprises for you that will make for a day filled with a self-care ritual that you will never forget!


Honor yourself every moment you can this month in any way you can! If you’re an expert in romancing yourself, we would love for your to share your self-love journey and any tips you may have at [email protected] 

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