A thank you from sundays

Dear All,

Happy holiday! I wish you had a wonderful thanksgiving.

In the end of 2017, sundays would like to thank you all for your supports in this year. sundays studio officially opened in March 2017. In the past 7 months, we have experienced many ups and downs, struggles and joys, but despite everything that we go through, I always feel happy and grateful. I really believe we are doing something meaningful and I am so glad to see sundays make the industry “greener” and change the stereotype of the nail industry.

I feel so grateful for the support sundays has received, from our New York Times article to one of my favorite actresses, Jessica Alba, visiting our studio. I am grateful for the amazing team we have, including our amazing nail specialists, Jason and Camille on our marketing and PR team, Aundria on our business development team and our Receptionists Gio and Kaline. It is really all of you who have made Sundays what is it today.

It is a perfect time to say a heartfelt thank you, and we all truly thank you for your support. I know some of you come all the way from Brooklyn or even from overseas. That means so much to us! Thank you for all the feedback you provide and helping us become better and better everyday and thank you for sharing your experience on Instagram with us. It makes us so happy to see how much you enjoyed your experience!

happy holidays to you and your family, look forward to seeing you soon!


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