Wellness Rituals: Bre Chiero Is The Founder & Creative Director @HungryHipsters

My name is Bre Chiero and I’m the founder & creative mind behind Hungry Hipsters! What started as a hobby for me many years ago has really transformed into a space that I’ve grown into, both professionally & personally. I started my career as a Fashion Director for a large retailer & attribute everything I know to that experience- the foundation of social media is much like fashion trends, they’re ever changing & always seem to come back around once & again! With a photography studio in Downtown Los Angeles, I help brands bring their campaign visions to life from setting creative direction to mood presentations and styling to photo & film production (and pretty much everything in between)! It’s a full service operation with a boutique, hands-on approach. On my off days, I’m likely streaming shows, listening to a ’70s Spotify playlist or reorganizing our house for the 100th time, for fun 🙂

Have you always been into wellness or did you one day realize the importance of it?

Growing up with one of my parents having severe food allergies, I always ate pretty healthy, which carried into adulthood. But I learned that what you eat is only a small piece of the wellness pie! Late last year, I ended up in the emergency room & have been on a hard road to recovery ever since. As a means to try to avoid surgery & medication, I’ve been leaning into more mindful approaches to women’s health & discovering how much more to wellness there really is.

The easiest thing that’s really helped me was changing my morning routine- I used to start off my day in a rush & immediately start answering emails from bed, ate my breakfast on the go & took calls before 9AM. Now I wake up earlier, solely to have a slower start which helps my cortisol levels, which greatly impacts my health. By the time 9AM hits, I’ve been up for a least 2-3 hours. I’ve been outside / gone on a walk, drank 16oz of water, made a full breakfast (that I actually sit down to eat) and most importantly- I haven’t looked at a single email, text message or scrolled on social media. This is what works for me! My days are not always like this, but I feel 100% better when they are and notice a huge difference.

But if I ate a pint of ice cream every day for a week, I would feel awful, my digestive system would be a complete wreck, and that in itself would make me negative towards it; so I just remind myself it’s everything in moderation- for the simple fact that anything that feels “special” would lose the specialness if I did it daily!

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