Wellness Rituals With Catherine Cabano

Catherine Cabano, the Founder and CEO of In On Around™, empowers women of all ages to live their happiest and healthiest lives through holistic wellbeing. She educates about ingredient safety and personal care quality. The In On Around Academy helps consumers swap to organic nutrition and cleaner, non-toxic products. Catherine has a Master’s degree from Harvard University, a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science with a concentration in Food Science, and industry experience in Regulatory Quality & Safety. What goes in, on, and around your body matters!

What does wellness mean to you?

Without a doubt, health is wealth. Wellness to me means being in a state of optimal physical, mental, spiritual, and social wellbeing. At In On Around, we focus on everything IN, ON, and AROUND your body that can impact your health. This involves everything from food to makeup, electronic usage, air quality, pesticides, friendships, medication, and so much more. It’s essential to think about health holistically since so many internal and external factors can play important roles.

In America, we have a “sick care” system, not a “health care” system – this needs to change. You shouldn’t have to get sick to focus on your wellbeing! Since your wellbeing is your greatest asset, being proactive is more effective than being reactive. I’m here to help others understand ingredient safety, product quality, deceptive marketing, greenwashing, industry loopholes, and so much more to best optimize their wellness.

What advice would you give your younger self around wellness?

The focus of In On Around is to help others become more conscious, informed consumers. When you’re first starting to dive into the holistic and non-toxic living space, it can feel very overwhelming… especially since there is SO much conflicting health information on the internet. My company was created to help you make small conscious changes without burning out. I even created a “Beginner’s Guide To Holistic Health” with 16 actionable tips for this reason, which is right on my website homepage.

As you make decisions and purchases, just think about how will this help me? How can I better control what I’m putting in, on, and around my body? Keep it simple and get back to nature with real, organic whole foods. All of this information is not intended to make you fearful of everything you use, rather it’s to educate and empower you to make the healthiest choices for you and your family.

Remember, most things in excess don’t serve you… that goes for food and even exercise! I love to aim for an 80/20 lifestyle where about 80% of the foods I eat are organic, nourishing, high-quality, and consistent with my routine. The other 20% gives me the flexibility to live a little without stressing about health all the time. I’ll eat cookies, I’ll have dessert, but within moderation and I choose the brands that use safer, cleaner ingredients without compromising taste (free of artificial dyes, flavorings, etc…). There are SO many great low-tox and healthier brands out there – this is why I created the In On Around Shop. In my shop, you can easily search for hundreds of healthier, low-tox alternatives to start your holistic health journey. I’m here to help!

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