The Importance of Choosing A Non-toxic Nail Salon

Not much has changed in the nail industry over the last 30 years with nail salons on every corner giving the same quick in-and-out service without caring for the effects of the environment while inhaling all those toxic fumes or providing a safe space for all to truly unwind during a manicure and pedicure service.

With a growing interest in natural nail care, many are opting for natural nail manicure services that use non-toxic, organic, and natural products to maintain the health and appearance of their nails. Here are eight reasons why you should consider a natural nail manicure for your next nail appointment and the importance of choosing a non-toxic nail salon.

This blog includes:

  • What is Nontoxic Nail Care?
  • Benefits of Nontoxic Nail Care
  • Choosing Nontoxic Nail Care
  • Where to Find Nontoxic Nail Salons Near You

Non-Toxic Ingredients
Non-toxic nail products provide a safer alternative to traditional nail care with natural ingredients free from hazardous chemicals like Toluene, Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, Triphenyl Phosphate (TPHP), Xylene, Ethyl Tosylamide, Methylisothiazolinone (MIT), and Parabens. These toxins can trigger skin irritation and severe health issues such as cancer, allergies, respiratory issues, and congenital disabilities. Investing in natural products and services that use nontoxic products ensures that both your nails and health are cared for and maintained without the extra dose of danger. Sundays non-toxic polishes are free from the 10 harmful chemicals found in regular nail polishes making it a great & safe alternative for everyone —even pregnant women and kids!

Gentle on Sensitive Skin
Natural & nontoxic alternatives can provide the perfect solution if your skin is sensitive to traditional nail products. Free of harsh chemicals traditionally found in nail polish makes sundays nontoxic nail products and services a safe alternative for nail care and health. These gentle options are specially formulated for those with allergies or sensitivity concerns — letting you care for your nails without irritation.

Try our Waterless Mani & Pedi services which eliminate the soaking step of your mani & pedi and replace it with the application of gentle heat treatments, homemade lotions & aromatherapy-infused oils. Hydrate and soften the skin and cuticle area without exposing your nail plate to water retention. Quick, easy, and naturally cared for.

Healthier for Your Nails
Natural manicures and pedicures focus on the health of your nails. Many traditional manicures can be harsh on your nails, leading to damage, excessive chipping, and breakage. Natural nail services use nontoxic products that are designed to nourish and strengthen your nails, helping them to grow longer and healthier.

Explore our variety of nail services from mini mani and pedis to more luxurious anti-aging or deep hydrating treatments all aimed to promote healthier nails and skin while boosting your mind & body.

Our products like our fan-favorite Extra Hydrating Hand Cream are organic. Not only are they made to keep hands healthy, but using naturally-derived ingredients and recyclable and reusable packaging ensures you’re doing your part of the environment too! That’s why we create sustainable products like our Smoked Hemp Flower and Green Fig & Ginger Candles made with a clay base material that can be easily reused once successfully enjoyed to its last candlelight, creating endless possibilities to reuse as a holder, container, and more.

Long-Lasting Results
Get luxurious without sacrificing beauty or health. Using sundays non-toxic products made with the highest quality and natural ingredients will help you achieve a flawless manicure and pedicure without compromising on strength and longevity. Our top & base coats provide a great barrier from UV light and daily exposure to pollutants giving you an extra dose of protection and long-lasting benefits for rich colors that last longer.

Natural nail manicures and pedicures can be just as beautiful as traditional ones with sundays timeless nail polish colors that never chase trends and are always in. Let’s put behind the notion that toxic chemicals equal long-lasting results — no toxic chemicals here!

Supports Local Businesses
Design and created in NY, sundays remains close to its roots. Support the local economy all while taking care of your nails. Set in prime locations throughout NYC you are able to achieve a healthier lifestyle without compromising going to traditional nail salons for a touch-up or fresh mani/pedi. A nontoxic nail salon cuts out harsh chemicals in favor of ingredients that are naturally derived. Vegan, cruelty-free, and natural— a win for everyone!

Finding the Best NonToxic Nail Salon in NYC
Finding a natural and nontoxic experience that allows you to reconnect with both your mind & body is now easier and more attainable at sundays studios in NYC. With three studios in Nomad, Hudson Yards, and the Upper East Side, our studios offer an extensive selection of timeless yet modern non-toxic plant-based services guaranteed to help you reset and achieve healthy nails without sacrificing your beauty, health, or the environment.

Try our self-guided meditation with any service to help you unwind and rediscover your senses. Going plant-based and nontoxic has never felt so glamorous!

A Reason to Self-Care
Natural nail manicures can be a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Sundays Studios also offer services such as hand/feet/back massages and aromatherapy to help you unwind and de-stress. Designed with the Danish hygge mentality, our studios are centered on taking time away from the daily rush to rediscover yourself, relax, and enjoy life’s quieter pleasures by yourself or with those close to you while reconnecting with what truly matters, you!

Try our new Ancient Rituals Foot Soak that explores the ancient rituals of Chinese herbal foot soaks and hot stone massage to help promote better sleep, decrease stress & anxiety and help boost circulation and overall body function.

A message from our CEO & Founder AmyLing:
“Being in the nail industry for 10 years and having started two regular nail salons in the past I experienced so much behind the scenes that taught me a lot about the health aspect that goes into nail care. I became conscious of the harm that stems back from toxic chemicals found in products that are used in nail salons. While the experience of inhaling toxic fumes for customers is already enough to be unpleasant, we can only imagine how much harm it does to our technicians. The salon industry has not changed in the past 30 years and I soon saw that clients needed something different. I wanted to create an experience that truly brings relaxation into place instead of having the typical come in and leave quickly salon experience. This is where the guided meditation manicure was born and the inspiration to encourage self-care and wellness came about. As a person who suffers from severe anxiety, I hope you can reconnect with yourself just as I do, one nail at a time.”

A wellness journey is a continuous one. For more wellness & nail care tips and stories subscribe to our blog.

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