Talking Wellness and Self-Care with YouMe Lin

YouMe is the founder of Cloud Studio, a creative marketing agency that partners with mission-driven brands. She is also an advocate for mental health and is passionate about spreading the importance of self-love inspired by her struggles. YouMe turns to Traditional Chinese Medicine for holistic wellness and has created her wellness drink brand, Cloud Bar, to empower more people to be mindful about taking care of themselves.

What inspired you to launch Cloud Bar?

I was inspired to create Cloud Bar due to my personal struggles with mental health. I was looking for ways to feel balanced and nourished, and Traditional Chinese Medicine elixir remedies were the foundation of my family’s wellness. Unfortunately, it’s not as accessible in the western world, and I wanted to share these remedies with people searching for harmony in their lives.

What does wellness mean to you?

To me, wellness means treating myself like a best friend with love, patience, and compassion. That means being there to listen to how I feel, nourishing my body with good food, treating myself to flowers when I want them, and doing more things that make my heart happy.

What are some of your favorite tips or tricks from your wellness ritual ? Did you learn anything new or interesting recently?

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