Sundays Non-Toxic Nail Studio: Your Home Away From Home

Living in such a vibrant and high-energy city, we might sometimes feel a little overwhelmed and stressed. The sundays experience is about healthier nails but also a mind & body experience, allowing a moment of relaxation. You can feel a moment of peace and quiet when you visit sundays and that is exactly why we’re bringing you the best parts of our nail studios. Read up on 6 reasons to experience sundays studio for yourself.

This blog includes:

  • The importance of self-care and wellness
  • How to practice wellness in NYC
  • Benefits of visiting sundays studio
  • Where to practice self-care in NYC
A Safe Space To Reconnect

The moment you walk in you’re welcomed into a space that feels like home. Our inspiration comes from the Danish hygge concept, a place of coziness and serenity where one can reconnect with oneself individually or among the company of people they are closest to.

Non-Toxic Products & Services
You shouldn’t have to sacrifice health for beauty, that’s why we created a healthier alternative to nail care. Our mindfully curated nail polishes offer timeless colors to eliminate overwhelming options, giving you more time to focus on relaxing.

Mind & Body Wellness
Our meditative manicures use binaural beats (more commonly known as sound wave therapy) guiding you with breathwork & moments of self-reflection while your hands are being cared for.

Learn more on Binaural Beats.

Senses Activated For Deep Relaxation
Hear the calming ambiance through our Signature Meditative Manicure. See the serene colors of our timeless colors & textures that provide a sense of calmness. Feel the soothing treatments like our Ancient Rituals Foot Soak aimed to promote better sleep and relaxation. Taste peace through our natural teas that help stimulate the nervous system. Smell the soft aroma of our organic soy candles that add to the tranquil environment.

A Self-Care Oasis
Self-care helps our hard work become more sustainable to avoid burn-outs, by easing stress and helping refresh our minds along the way. Our clients feel renewed after service and express how it encourages them to do more for themselves. In the simplest terms, you build confidence to know “You have this, you can do this, let’s do this.” This is the epitome of self-care. Come feel empowered and renewed.

A Support System

Peace is achievable when there’s a strong bond. From our front desk managers to our nail specialists, we attentively care for both your nail health and cater to your wellness needs.

Find Your Home Away From Home. Experience sundays. Book an appointment.

A self-care journey is a continuous one. For wellness tips & nail care, check our blog for more.

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