Expert Tips for the Best Summer Pedicure: Sandal Season is Starting!

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Summer pedicures involve preparing and decorating the nails and feet for the warmer months. For example, applying a bright polish, using a moisturizing lotion, and adding decorative designs. The purpose of these treatments is to enhance foot health and appearance while adapting to seasonal styles.

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Expert Tips for the Best Summer Pedicure

From basic upkeep to seasonal trends, here is our list of Expert Tips for the Best Summer Pedicure.

1. Basic Cleanse

A simple cleaning is a crucial step in getting ready for a summer pedicure. Begin by filling a basin with warm, soapy water to soak your feet. This action will help soften the skin and nails, making it easier to clean and trim them. Gently scrub your feet with a foot brush or pumice stone to eliminate any dead skin or calluses. Thoroughly rinse and pat dry before proceeding to the following steps of your pedicure routine. Making time for a basic cleanse not just enhances the look of your feet but also supports overall foot health. By routinely cleansing and tending to your feet, you can prevent problems like dry skin, cracked heels, and ingrown toenails. Keep in mind that healthy feet are happy feet!
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2. Foot Soak

Immerse tired feet into an herbal mix of warm coconut milk, fresh cucumber, ginger, and goji berries — a mixture of ingredients known by Traditional Chinese Medicine to stimulate relaxation. This soak is followed by our hot stone massage, performed with either rose or ginger oil, that applies pressure on specific points along your foot to ease stress, promote sleep, and boost circulation to all muscles. Our Ancient Rituals Soak can be performed alone or be paired with our Signature Pedicure.

The ancient rituals soak involves immersing your nails in a nourishing solution made from natural ingredients to promote nail health and strength. This treatment traces its roots back to traditional practices that have been passed down through generations, emphasizing the importance of self-care and beauty rituals. By incorporating ancient rituals soaks into your nail care routine, you can experience the benefits of time-tested methods for maintaining soft feet during Sandal Season.
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3. Nail Shaping

Shaping your nails is an essential step in achieving a flawless summer pedicure. Begin by cutting your nails to your preferred length with a nail clipper, then carefully shape them. Whether you like square, round, oval, or almond-shaped nails, shaping them correctly can improve the overall appearance of your pedicure. Well-shaped nails not just enhance the polished look of your feet but also prevent snagging on socks or sandals. It is important to file in one direction to avoid weakening the nails. In conclusion, nail shaping is a straightforward yet crucial part of getting your feet ready for summer, ensuring they are both fashionable and practical.
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4. Cuticle Care

Taking care of cuticles is important for a perfect summer pedicure. Cuticles shield the nail bed from harm and infection, so it is crucial to maintain their health. To start, gently push back the cuticles with a wooden stick or a rubber-tipped tool after softening them with warm water. Avoid cutting the cuticles to prevent infections. Instead, regularly moisturize them with oil or cream to keep them hydrated and avoid dryness and cracking in the summer. By keeping cuticles healthy, you not only improve the look of your toenails but also support overall nail health. Following a simple cuticle care routine ensures your pedicure stays fresh and polished throughout the summer months.
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5. Exfoliation Step

Exfoliating is a crucial step in your pedicure routine to achieve smooth feet ready for summer. It helps remove dead skin cells, revealing softer skin underneath. You can gently exfoliate rough areas on your heels and soles using a foot scrub or pumice stone. By incorporating this into your pedicure regimen, you can prevent calluses and maintain healthy, well-moisturized feet throughout the summer months. Remember to be gentle to avoid irritating or damaging the skin. Regularly exfoliating your feet will not only enhance their appearance but also improve overall foot health. If you have extra stubborn calluses, consider going to sundays studio for a callus removal treatment. Embrace this essential step in your summer pedicure routine for feet that are sandal-worthy all season long!
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6. Moisturizing

Moisturizing is crucial for summer pedicures. After soaking and exfoliating your feet, apply a rich moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and soft. Choose products with ingredients such as shea butter or coconut oil to nourish and repair dry skin. Regular moisturizing can help prevent cracked heels and preserve the overall health of your feet, ensuring they appear and feel their best during sandal season. Remember, proper hydration is essential for healthy skin!
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7. Foot Massage

As sandal season approaches, it’s time to give your feet the pampering they deserve. One of the best ways to enhance your summer pedicure is by incorporating a rejuvenating foot massage. Not only does this add a luxurious touch to your routine, but it also offers numerous health and wellness benefits that will have your feet feeling fantastic and ready to show off in your favorite summer sandals.

Incorporating foot massages into your summer pedicure routine is a simple yet highly effective way to elevate your foot care regimen. Not only will your feet feel revitalized, but you’ll also enjoy the many health benefits that come with regular massage. So, as you prepare to slip into your favorite sandals, remember to give your feet the love and attention they deserve. Happy sandal season!
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8. Base Coat

Applying a base coat is essential for achieving a perfect summer pedicure. It serves as a foundation for the nail polish, helping it adhere better and last longer. A base coat also helps prevent staining on nails from darker nail polish colors, providing an additional layer of protection to maintain healthy and strong nails, especially during sun- and sand-exposed summer days. Using a base coat enhances the appearance of your pedicure while increasing its durability. It creates a smooth canvas for your nail color to stand out on hot summer days. Ensure the base coat dries entirely before applying your selected nail polish shade for optimal results.
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9. Color Selection

Selecting the perfect color for your summer pedicure is crucial to achieve a vibrant and fresh look. Popular options such as coral, turquoise, or hot pink complement summer outfits beautifully. Alternatively, mint green or lavender can provide a subtle and elegant touch. Remember that your chosen color can influence your mood and style, so choose one that resonates with you and aligns with your personality. Experimenting with different colors can be enjoyable and help you discover new favorites for your pedicure collection. Adding a pop of color to your toes can instantly enhance your summer ensemble and introduce a playful element. Whether you opt for bright neon shades to make a bold statement or classic pastel tones for a more understated appeal, the right color can tie your entire outfit together. By selecting hues that capture the season’s energy and essence, you can display your individuality and embrace the carefree spirit of summer with each step you take.
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10. Polish Application

To achieve the ideal summer pedicure, one crucial step is painting the nails with a bright color. Painting nails not just enhances the appearance of your toes but also provides protection from harm. Start by choosing a hue that suits your skin tone and attire. After shaping and smoothing your nails, put on a base coat and then two thin coats of polish. Let each coat dry before applying the next layer for a flawless result. Finish off the style with a top coat to lock in the color and create shine. Keep in mind, well-groomed nails can enhance your entire summer appearance with ease.
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11. Nail Art Designs

Nail art designs can elevate your summer pedicure by incorporating creativity and enjoyment. Trying out various patterns, colors, and textures can help your nails grab attention and reflect your individual style. Whether it’s floral patterns or geometric shapes, the options for expressing yourself through nail art are limitless. You may opt to visit a professional nail salon or engage in DIY nail art at home using nail polish, stickers, or stamps for intricate designs. Incorporating nail art designs into your summer pedicure not just boosts the appearance but also enables you to unleash your artistic side and enjoy experimenting with your nails.
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12. Top Coat

For a perfect summer pedicure, ensure you complete the final step: applying a top coat. A top coat adds shine and protects your nail polish from chipping and fading. Once your colored polish has dried completely, carefully apply a thin layer of top coat to seal in the color and prolong the life of your pedicure. Opt for a quick-dry formula for extra convenience so that you can return to enjoying your summer activities sooner with vibrant and long-lasting toenail color. Keep in mind that investing in a high-quality top coat is essential for stunning and resilient summer pedicures that will endure all your sunny adventures!
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13. Drying Time

Drying time is essential in achieving a flawless summer pedicure. After applying nail polish, you must allow enough time for it to dry completely. Hurrying this step can lead to smudges or chips in the polish, which can ruin the overall look of your pedicure. To expedite drying, consider using quick-dry nail products or a fan to help the polish set faster. Being patient during this phase will ensure that your pedicure lasts longer and looks professionally done. Remember, dedicating time to let your nail polish dry properly is crucial for a perfect summer pedicure that will have longevity and maintain its pristine appearance.
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14. Post-Care Tips

After getting a summer pedicure, it is important to take care of your feet and maintain the polish for a longer period. To avoid smudging, refrain from wearing closed shoes immediately after the pedicure, and regularly apply a top coat every few days to keep it looking fresh. Make sure to moisturize your feet daily, especially during the summer, to prevent dryness. Additionally, avoid exposing your toes to excessive heat or water for 24 hours after the pedicure. By following these tips, you can ensure that your pedicure lasts longer. By diligently adhering to these guidelines, you can prolong the life of your pedicure while also keeping your feet healthy and attractive. By dedicating a few minutes each day to caring for your toes, you can maintain the freshly painted appearance for an extended period. Consistent post-pedicure care reduces the need for frequent touch-ups or repairs, which ultimately promotes overall foot health and helps prevent potential infections or damage to the nails in the future. Remember that taking care of your feet after a pedicure is an investment in both your appearance and well-being.
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15. Seasonal Trends

Seasonal trends significantly impact stylish summer pedicures, with vibrant shades such as coral and turquoise emerging as popular options. Nail art featuring floral or geometric patterns is also in vogue. Keeping abreast of these trends guarantees chic toes aligned with the latest fashion. Adhering to seasonal trends allows individuals to showcase their style while remaining trendy. Experimenting with new colors and designs inspired by current trends injects excitement and innovation into pedicures, highlighting one’s personality and maintaining a fresh summer look.
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Final Thoughts on Expert Tips for the Best Summer Pedicure

Exploring various methods for summer pedicures provides numerous benefits ranging from improved foot health to enhanced personal style. Each step in the pedicure process plays a crucial role in achieving beautiful results that last throughout the season. By following professional advice and keeping up with seasonal trends, one can ensure their feet are always ready to show off in summer footwear.

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