Toxic Chemicals: The Hidden Dangers of Regular Nail Polish

What’s in your polish? With nail salons and drug stores on almost every corner in big cities, it can be tempting to go for what seems like the most convenient nail polish option. But have you ever paid attention to what actually goes into your pretty bottle of color? Unfortunately, what’s convenient is not always … Read more

New Spring/Summer Arrivals

Wake up, pretty! sundays is here to present it’s dreamy new Spring/Summer 2018 Collection of vivacious nail colors that will keep you–and your nails–upbeat. With petal pinks complementing clear-blues, this invigorating seasonal collection may make you feel like you’re living in a dream world, but these refreshing colors will awaken you to the wonders of … Read more

In celebration of International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day, Ladies! This special day comes on the heels of an unprecedented global movement for women’s rights, equality and justice. Global marches and campaigns, including #MeToo and #TimesUp in the United States and their counterparts have broached issues ranging from sexual harassment and femicide to equal pay and women’s political representation. While … Read more

Karina Blackwood, Blissed Happiness

New York City based yoga instructor and mentor, Karina Blackwood, recently visited sundays studio for a Signature Manicure and Pedicure. She understands the importance of a holistic approach to wellness and has come to understand its impact on daily life since her first time on the yoga mat. In a a conscious, self-directed, and ever-evolving … Read more

Zang Toi Fashion Show Nail Art

Sundays is elated to announce another collaboration with atelier Zang Toi for the House of Toi’s Autumn/WInter 2018 debut at New York Fashion Week. This season follows the story of an American beauty traipsing through the alluring city of Rome, and embarking on a passionate, if not ephemeral, romance. The rose-colored glasses highlight the blush … Read more

Wear Your Heart on Your Nails

You have your choice of a range of red and pinks to get in the Valentine’s Day spirit, but why not mix it up with a sweet Valentine’s Day themed design? Our nail experts have perfected their craft and will transform your nails into a stunning work of art in shades of soft rose or … Read more

Love is in the Air!

Love is in the air! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, romance is on everyone’s mind. While a candlelit dinner or smooch-worthy movie night are great go-to ideas, we at sundays invite you and your love to get closer than ever with a unique treat you both deserve. Cozy up, get pampered, and fully … Read more

Beyond “Looking your Best”

The philosophy of wellness and self-care has expanded beyond simply “looking your best.” People want to feel their best, too, and treat their bodies well. After years of experience in the salon industry, we have found that nail care is often about much more than a manicure. It can be a reward, a pampering escape, … Read more

Make a life by what we give

To our dearest sundays family, As I sit back and reflect on this year I feel an overwhelming amount of gratitude- my heart is so full! I am beyond thankful that you are loving the experience that I dreamt up for you years ago. As you know from visiting our studio, simplicity is a huge … Read more

Melissa Wood Health

As a busy working mom and major health nut I’m super mindful about everything I put in my body (not only food, but thoughts and products as well). This includes my nails. When I need a manicure (and let’s face it, a mini mom break), my favorite spot is Sunday’s. My go to while at … Read more