Here’s What Your Nail Polish Color Means

Welcome to our exploration of nail polish color meaning! Your choice of nail polish color not only corresponds with aspects of your personality and style but can also be used to activate certain modes of thinking and feeling. In this article, we unravel the secrets behind each color, revealing the meaning of nail polish colors!

Reds and Warm Colors

Red and Warm Colors are some of the most popular shades of nail polish that people use for their manicures. The nail polish color meanings that people associate with red and pink include energy, empathy, passion, care, and love. People tend to associate warm colors with intense emotions, too! Just think of the phrase, “hot head” or “red handed.” When you wear a red or pink manicure, it signals to people that you are a passionate person.

Fun fact: The Red Nails Theory appeared on social media a while ago and is very popular in Paris. It claims that men are more attracted to women with red nails. The theory has been backed up by research that shows that women receive more date invitations when wearing red.

  • If your pick is Classic Raspberry Red, try sundays’ No. 14
  • If you prefer Deeper Mulberry Red, try sundays’  No. 22
  • If you want to wear Powder Pink, try sundays’ L. 01
  • If you want to wear Mauve Pink, try sundays’ No. 27

Cool Colors

Cool Colors refers to shades of blue, green, and purple. The meaning of nail polish shades that fall under the category of cool colors is peacefulness (in contrast with warm colors’ passion). Specifically, blue evokes in us a sense of trust and stability, green reminds us of nature and harmony, and purple symbolizes abundance and creativity. Because cool colors are so mellow, they are the perfect shades of nail polishes to pick for an everyday pop of color!

  • If you fancy a Peacock Blue, try sundays’ No. 35
  • If you’re a fan of Sapphire Blue, try sundays’ No. 38
  • If you’re fond of Teal Green, try sundays’ No. 36
  • If you’re fond of Olive Green, try sundays’ No. 30
  • If your usual is Grape Purple, try sundays’ No. 21
  • If your usual is Magenta Purple, try sundays’ No. 23

Neutral and Nude Colors

Neutral and Nude colors, including sheer beiges, soft pinks, and delicate taupes, are amazing because they are a super simple yet stylish option for manicures. It looks like you put effort into your appearance without trying to be the center of attention. The natural-but-better look of neutral and nude colors shows people that you have a timeless approach to life, since your nails will go with everything!

  • If you enjoy Sheer Nude, try sundays’ No. 48
  • If your shade is Light Nude, try sundays’ No. 02
  • If your shade is Dark Nude, try sundays’ L. 06
  • If you enjoy Taupe, try sundays’ No. 50

Black, White, and Monochromatic

Black, White, and Monochromatic colors represent a modern and minimalist aesthetic. Additionally, black, white, and monochromatic colors can draw attention to your accessories such as rings and bracelets without upstaging or clashing with them. Depending on whether you would like to rock a dark, black manicure, or model a light, white manicure, both options tend to leave an impression of sophistication.

  • If your signature color is Pure Black, try sundays’ No. 42
  • If your signature color is Pure White, try sundays’ No. 01

Pastels and Soft Colors

Pastels and Soft colors often mirror the delicate hues we see in the world during the spring and summertime. A pastel or soft color can be any color in the rainbow, and it has a high brightness and low saturation. Many people love to wear these soft colors because, unlike bright neon colors that have an overstimulating effect, light pastels promote gentle feelings of happiness. A person that wears pastels or soft colors is likely to be open and friendly.

  • If you’re looking for a Pastel Pink, try sundays’ L. 02
  • If you’re looking for a Pastel Blue, try sundays’ L. 03
  • If you’re looking for a Pastel Yellow, try sundays’ L. 04
  • If you’re looking for a Pastel Purple, try sundays’ L. 05

Metallic and Shimmering Colors

Metallic and shimmering colors are representative of glamor and elegance. Wearing a metallic or shimmering nail polish is a great way to add a little luxury to your everyday life! The glint of light that sparkles from these colors may catch your eye from time to time. These colors also transition wonderfully to nighttime settings where you want to look fashionable and fabulous.

  • If you love Metallic Gold, try sundays’ S. 01
  • If you love Shimmering Pink, try sundays’ L. 07
  • If you love Shimmering White, try sundays’ L. 08
  • If you love Shimmering Blue, try sundays’ L. 09


Nail color meaning is a real thing. Unconsciously or consciously, colors can evoke emotions, inspire reactions, and change modes of perception. It can raise or lower your blood pressure, make you happy or sad, and even make you hungry! Color has the power to communicate with the world without words. But, at the end of the day, don’t worry and pick whatever color you think is best for you because that will make you the happiest.

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