Karalynne Call @ Just Ingredients (health and wellness company) is dedicated to inspiring people to live happier, healthier lives

Karalynne Call, Certified Nutritionist, and mom of six, is the Founder of Just Ingredients, a health and wellness company dedicated to inspiring people to live happier, healthier lives. In a world where so many products contain so many hidden toxins, Karalynne created the Just Ingredients product line to provide natural, real, and nourishing options. Since the successful launch of her natural deodorant and organic face serum in 2019, Just Ingredients now sells 14 different types of products, including their best-selling protein powders. Karalynne’s vision to provide products made with natural ingredients was born out of her battle with severe depression. In this struggle, her life truly became a testament to the belief that nature provides exactly what we need to heal. Karalynne has grown her Instagram community, @Just.Ingredients, to just under 1 million people. Her chart-topping podcast, Just Ingredients, has been host to nationally-renowned experts and doctors who help her share the best ingredients for life. Her passion for mental health and educating others on how to live a healthy life continues to inspire millions. She has transformed countless lives and inspired a multitude of health journeys.

What does wellness mean to you?

To me, wellness means health. Your health is one of the most precious things you have. It’s the root of everything in your life. It dictates how you show up in the world, how you show up for yourself, for the people you love, for your community. When you aren’t investing in your wellness, it’s hard to be the best version of you. Whether that’s as a parent, a spouse, a sibling, a friend, and the list goes on. Outside of the world deserving the best version of you, YOU deserve the best version of you. And that stems from taking care of your health – your physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental health – contributing to overall wellness.

What are some of your favorite tips or tricks from your wellness ritual?

I have 10 wellness values that I live by daily and have taught my kids to live by as well. These values have absolutely become the foundation for my wellness ritual. I also use my platform, @just.ingredients, to share these 10 habits in hopes that it inspires others to live healthier, happier lives too.

1. Eat fruits and veggies daily.

2. Filter your water.

3. Cook with non-inflammatory oils.

4. If buying processed foods, buy ones that are made from whole food ingredients.

5. Move your body and prioritize your sleep.

6. Nourish your physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health.

7. If you’re battling a health issue, figure out the root cause and address it.

8. Value your health.

9. Strengthen and support your immune system.

10. Love others, love yourself, spread kindness.

Have you always been into wellness or did you one day realize the importance of it?

It surprises a lot of people to know that 17 years ago, wellness was not a priority in my life. It wasn’t until I found myself struggling with severe, suicidal depression that I decided to start making it a priority.

After hitting rock bottom, I went from doctor to doctor on a mission to find someone who could help me heal. Finally, after 2 years of searching, I found a doctor who told me, “YES. You can heal from depression. By cleaning up your gut, reducing your inflammation, and balancing your hormones. But it will take work. Are you ready to work?”. After 18 months of cleaning up what I ate, choosing non-toxic products, reducing the toxins in my life, and healing my gut, I was off antidepressants and have never been back.

After my struggle with depression, I made a commitment to live a healthy lifestyle, working to eliminate toxins from mine and my family’s diet and daily use. Making this commitment truly saved my life and transformed my future, and I want to help others do the same.


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