How to treat a hangnail infection at home

Hangnails are no fun and can be painful. During the winter months especially, our hands become dryer and more prone to hangnails. But, fear not there’s ways you can prevent and treat your hangnails from the comfort of your home. Here are some helpful tips for hangnails, curated by our founder, Amy Ling Lin. 

  • Causes of hangnails

The most common cause of hangnails is dry skin. Therefore it’s crucial to frequently moisturize your hands, especially during the cooler months. The dryness can be caused by harsh weather but also by washing your hands frequently with harsh soaps. 

Other causes of hangnails can be biting your nails or over cutting the cuticle area. As a result this area of the nail becomes weak.

  • Best way to treat a hangnail

It’s very important to use a nail nipper when dealing with hangnails as well as using gloves when treating them. After treating your hangnails with a nail nipper, make sure to apply a hand cream to keep them moisturized.

Sundays moisturizing hand cream is perfect for treating and preventing hangnails. Applying it on the daily and during your hand-care routine can help prevent hangnails. In addition, using a cuticle oil like sundays Cs.02 on the daily can prevent reappearance of hangnails.


HC.01 – Extra Hydrating Hand Cream
Cs.02 – Hydrating Cuticle Serum
  • How to treat a hangnail infection at home

Do not pick on the hangnail, wait to deal with it later or try to bite it off.  This will make your infection worse. 

First, you need to make sure your tools are sterilized. Wherever you’re using a nail clipper or nail nipper, make sure you use an alcohol pad to clean them.

Then soak your fingers in warm water for about 20 minutes. After soaking, cut the hangnail off then apply cuticle oil, followed by moisturizing hand cream. In addition, apply an antibiotic cream to the infected area. 

Make sure you keep applying cuticle oil and hand cream on the daily. If you’re not a fan of having your hands oily, you can apply the oil before going to bed.

  • Why do I get hangnails after a manicure?

If your nails are treated at the salon without using a cuticle cream or oil, hangnails may appear. Therefore it’s important for your nail specialist to treat your nails with a moisturizing oil and hand cream. 

After your appointment, keep up the routine of applying cuticle oil and hand cream every day to make sure the area around your nails doesn’t dry out and cause hangnails to reappear. 

  • Why do hangnails hurt?

There are so many nerve endings around your fingernail area, so it can be very painful if your hangnail gets tugged by clothes or other objects. Therefore it’s important to have a good routine when it comes to your nails, making sure they are moisturized on the daily.

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