How to grow your natural nails longer

Trying to grow your nails and seeing them constantly chip can be frustrating and this is especially a problem during the cooler months. If you’re used to acrylics or gel it might be even more difficult to restore your natural nails. But it’s not impossible.

While short nails are always a classic, if you’re looking to grow long, healthy nails you’ve come to the right place. Scroll and read more for expert tips!

1. Keep your nails and cuticles moisturized and healthy

This can be achieved with a hydrating cuticle serum and hand cream. We recommend our hydrating hand cream and CS.02 Cuticle serum. Apply every night before bedtime. Our hand cream pairs perfectly with our cuticle serum to achieve the right amount of hydration.


2. Replace your acetone-based polish remover

Acetone is known to dry out your nails after use and can even prevent them from growing.  Our non-acetone 2-in-1 soy polish remover gently removes your polish while nourishing your nails with Vitamins A C & E and grapefruit essential oils. Plus it won’t dry out your nails or prevent them from growing.


3. Apply a healing base coat

Using the right base coat can strengthen your nails and help them grow healthier. Our B.03 – Nail Strengthening Base Coat gives your nails a hearty boost and promotes their growth by creating a healthier and smoother foundation. It can be worn alone or with a non-toxic polish on top.

4. Make sure to eat a balanced diet 

What you put in your body matters the most when it comes to your nails. Try to include more protein, vitamins, and minerals to help your nails grow healthy and strong. 


5. Make sure to trim your nails and keep them clean

Trimming your nails regularly will help them grow longer and healthier. In addition, make sure to wash your hands and thoroughly dry them before touching them.


6. Don’t bite your nails

Nail biting is a big no-no when it comes to growing healthy nails. Picking or biting your nails will damage them and prevent them from growing.


7. Always wear gloves when doing chores

Long exposure to water and chemicals can damage your nails. Make sure to always wear gloves when doing any cleaning around the house.

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