The Best Winter Nail Polish Colors of 2023

The Winter season is fast approaching now, and it’s time to embrace the true Winter palette that is full of colors that tend to be crisp, cool, and highly saturated. November is the time to enjoy turkey trot Thursdays, Black Friday sales, Sunday football games, and Cyber Monday deals. Although Winter technically starts on December 21st, it’s never too early to find out what are the best winter nail polish colors of 2023! In this article, we’ll discuss the 20 nail polish that will be trending this winter.

Our Top 5 Picks

  1. Plum Purple: No. 20
  2. Frosty Blue: L. 03
  3. Mint Green: No. 44
  4. Crimson Red: No. 14
  5. Shimmering White: L. 08

As Winter makes its way into the world, so too does our desire to start paying more attention to our self-care rituals. As nail industry professionals, we know that the summer months have our clients booking gel manicures every few weeks to ensure beautiful nails during busy months of travel, but now it’s time to give our nails extra love, hydration, and nourishment so they can stay beautiful in the winter. Try these gorgeous colors with a hydrating base coat or strengthening base coat as well as a protective top coat.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been busy saving all of the winter nail inspiration we can’t wait to try over the coming months. Keep scrolling to discover all of the winter nail colors that we predict will be big news this season!


1. Plum Purple

no.20 sundays studio

Plum purple nails strike a balance between dark and vibrant, adding a subtle pop of color to your winter wardrobe.

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2. Smokey Purple

no. 28 sundays studio

Smokey purple nails offer a moody and mysterious vibe that’s perfect for the winter season.

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3. Dark Lavender 

No.47 sundays studio

Dark Lavender perfectly captures the moody yet bright aesthetic of winter, hence why we turn to this color again and again.

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4. Frosty Blue

L.03 sundays studio

Frosty blue nail polish captures the essence of icy landscapes and chilly winter winds.

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5. Midnight Blue

Start the winter season with a bang by sporting a stunning midnight blue shade that mirrors the clear, frosty night sky.

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6. Navy Blue

Navy blue is an excellent winter nail polish color because its deep and sophisticated like the ocean, adding a touch of elegance and strength to your cold-weather style.

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7. Deep Teal

Deep teal is a rich and regal shade that makes your nails stand out in the Winter wonderland because of its unique depth and sophistication.

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8. Mint Green

Channel the light green of winter trees with a mint green nail polish. It’s perfect for celebrating the festive spirit of winter.

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9. Olive Green

Olive green is a muted, earthy color that reflects the winter season’s natural beauty.

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10. Shimmering Gold 

Get in the holiday spirit with shimmering gold nails that add a touch of glamour to your winter look.

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11. Dusty Rose

no.27 sundays studio

Dusty rose nails add a touch of romance and femininity to your winter look.

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12. Crimson Red

no.14 sundays studio

Crimson nails are a classic choice for winter, offering a bright color that complements a variety of styles.

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13. Wine Red

no.17 sundays studio

Wine red nails exude sophistication and passion, making them perfect for holiday parties and special events.

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14. Maroon Red

Maroon nails are a timeless and bold choice, perfect for making a warm statement during the colder months.

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15. Warm Neutral

Warm neutral is a perfect winter nail polish color because its pale peach tones bring a sense of coziness and sophistication to your nails that are the perfect base for the season’s rich, layered fashion trends.

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16. Cool Neutral

Cool neutrals are also a great choice for winter nail polish color because of its subtle and versatile purple tones that complement the darker colors of the colder season.

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17. Coal Black

no.42 sundays studio

Coal black nail polish is a perfect wintery reminder of cozy nights by the fireplace, after dark, when the embers die down into little piles of ash in front of the living room. Black is modern and classic at the same time.

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18. Taupe Gray

Taupe gray nail polish evokes the natural tones of the wintery world, making it an excellent choice for a muted, medium-toned manicure.

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19. Snow White

Snow white nail polish captures the pristine beauty of freshly fallen snow, creating a crisp and clean look that complements the winter season. It’s a classic choice that adds a touch of purity and timelessness to your nails.

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20. Shimmering White

shimmering white

Embrace the winter wonderland with a frosty white nail polish that mimics the shimmering snow outside.

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The best winter nail polish colors of 2023 offer a wide range of options, from deep and rich to light and sparkling. Choose the shades that resonate with the style and the mood you want to convey, and then enjoy flaunting your fabulous nails all winter long. Whether you will be attending holiday gatherings, cozying up by the fire, or simply strolling in a winter wonderland, these colors are sure to keep your nails looking chic and in tune with the season.

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