15 Ways to Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month

May is not just any month—it’s Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, a time to honor and celebrate the diverse cultures and contributions of the AAPI community. What better way to commemorate this vibrant heritage than by supporting AAPI-founded brands that are making waves in various industries? From skincare to fashion, these 15 brands offer exceptional products while embodying the rich tapestry of AAPI culture. Here are just 15 of many ways to celebrate AAPI Heritage Month!

This list includes:

  • AAPI brands
  • AAPI business
  • Asian-founded brands
  • Asian founders
  • Asian American heritage
  • Asian American pride

Let’s get to it!

1. sundays

Founded by Amy Ling Lin, sundays is more than just a nail care brand—it’s a sanctuary for self-care. Treat yourself to their non-toxic nail polishes and meditative manicures, designed to nourish both your nails and your soul. Treat yourself to a luxurious at-home manicure with sundays’ range of nontoxic nail care products, inspired by founder Amy’s Chinese heritage and commitment to wellness.

Learn more about sundays.

2. Tatcha

Inspired by Japanese skincare traditions, Vicky Tsai created Tatcha to offer luxurious beauty products infused with time-honored ingredients like green tea, rice, and camellia oil. Indulge in their skincare essentials for a pampering experience that honors AAPI heritage.

Learn more about Tatcha.

3. Emi Jay

Emi Jay, founded by Julianne Goldmark, brings elegance and simplicity to hair accessories. Whether you’re rocking a casual ponytail or a sophisticated updo, Emi Jay’s hair ties and accessories add a touch of style to any look.

Learn more about Emi Jay.

4. Ellis Brooklyn

Created by Bee Shapiro, Ellis Brooklyn offers clean, sustainable fragrances crafted with high-quality ingredients. Explore their collection of gender-neutral scents and discover your signature fragrance while supporting AAPI entrepreneurship.

Learn more about Ellis Brooklyn.

5. Patrick Ta

Makeup artist Patrick Ta’s eponymous beauty brand celebrates diversity and inclusivity. From radiant blushes to luminous highlighters, his products empower you to express your unique beauty while paying homage to AAPI creativity.

Learn more about Patrick Ta.

6. Calpak

Founded by Judy Kwon and her husband Edward, Calpak epitomizes chic and functional travel accessories. Upgrade your luggage game with their stylish suitcases, backpacks, and travel essentials that blend fashion with practicality.

Learn more about Calpak.

7. Cadence

Cadence, founded by Steph Hon, offers activewear that seamlessly combines style, performance, and sustainability. Whether you’re hitting the gym or lounging at home, their thoughtfully designed pieces inspire movement and confidence.

Learn more about Cadence.

8. Arrae

Arrae, created by Siff Haider and Nish Samantray, is dedicated to holistic wellness through natural supplements. Prioritize your well-being with their plant-based formulas designed to support digestion, stress relief, and overall vitality.

Learn more about Arrae.

9. Dagne Dover

Dagne Dover offers thoughtfully designed bags and accessories that marry style with functionality. Stay organized and effortlessly chic with their versatile backpacks, totes, and tech cases.

Learn more about Dagne Dover.

10. Iota Body

Iota Body, created by Monique Meneses, celebrates clean beauty and self-care rituals. Pamper your skin with their luxurious body oils, scrubs, and bath soaks, formulated to indulge your senses and nurture your skin.

Learn more about Iota Body.

11. August

August, founded by Nadya Okamoto and Nick Jain, celebrates all menstruating bodies while providing them with more absorbent, softer pads and tampons that actually work, with sustainability in mind. At the heart of their brand is their amazing desire to create a community that empowers people.

Learn more about August.

12. Hero Cosmetics

Hero Cosmetics, created by Ju Rhyu, specializes in acne care solutions that empower you to feel confident in your skin. Say goodbye to pesky blemishes with their innovative patches and skincare treatments.

Learn more about Hero Cosmetics.

13. Covry

Covry, founded by Athina Wang and Florence Shin, redefines eyewear with a focus on fit and comfort. Explore their collection of stylish glasses and sunglasses designed to flatter diverse face shapes and sizes.

Learn more about Covry.

14. Makkù

Makkù, founded by Carol Pak offers Korea’s oldest alcholic beverage with modern designs and flavors. Elevate your next dinner party with makgeolli inspired by Korean heritage and contemporary aesthetics.

Learn more about Makkù.

15. The Qi

The Qi, created by Lisa Li, brings harmony and balance to your tea with thoughtfully curated flowers. Discover their collection of natural teas inspired by Eastern philosophies and aesthetics.

Learn more about The Qi.

Final thoughts on how to Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month.

For too long, there’s been a misconception among retailers and investors that Asian-founded brands weren’t relatable enough, deemed too “exotic” or “niche” for Western consumers. But take a moment to glance around your everyday spaces—your closet, bathroom, kitchen— and you’ll likely find some of your favorite household items were born from the dreams of Asian founders, regardless of your own background. It’s a reminder that celebrating Asian-founded brands is not only simple but enriching, all year round. Your ongoing support means the world to us.

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