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The Gift of Thoughtfulness.

Share your story about a thoughtful gift you received,

so together we can remind people of the true meaning of the Holidays. 

This festive season, we’re compiling a bundle of stories about the most thoughtful gift or gesture we’ve ever received. We will be sharing these stories with our audience, inspiring them to focus on what’s most important this time of year. It’s a season of giving and receiving, but what we often forget is that it’s not actually about gifts. The gifts themselves are just opportunities to show people that we love and care for them.

Often, when we ask people what gift in their life meant the most to them, it’s never the biggest or most expensive one. Instead, it’s the most thoughtful one. We’d love to hear your story, so together we can inspire people to focus on giving each other what really matters – our love.

An example of the style of story we’d love to read:

“Winter is my favorite season. Not only because of how beautiful it is, but it also reminds me how long it has been since I left home for this new city, and how much I miss everything back there.

My Mom and Dad are typical Asian parents that never verbally say they love me, even the day I left for NYC. But, they say it other ways.

Last Christmas, it’s a pretty funny story actually, my mom mailed me a big box. Inside the box, there was no note or letter or fancy gifts. It was full of food and chocolates – even though she knows I can buy these chocolates in any supermarket here. But, it still meant a lot to me. It is my most memorable gift because I know, that’s how they say I love you.

It took a while to finish all the chocolates. To me, it felt like I was eating more than just chocolate, it was the love and bravery I needed that would help keep me going in this foreign city.”

– Jason, New York City