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Membership Plans

$170 SAVE 20%

sundays Wellness Membership

  • 4 Mediation Manicures
  • 2 Signature Pedicures

$125 SAVE 15%

sundays Gel Membership

  • 2 Gel Manicures
  • 1 Signatures Pedicure

$180 SAVE 14%

Signature Gel Membership

  • 2 Gel Manicures
  • 2 Signature Pedicures
  • 2 Gel Removals

$160 SAVE 15%

sundays Signature Membership

  • 4 Signature Manicures
  • 2 Signature Pedicures

In appreciation for our sundays community, we’re delighted to offer a monthly membership program, in which you get to enjoy your favorite sundays services — but with a 15% to 20% discount and other fun perks! I know, we’re excited about it as well! 

Part of our mission is to make our clients look good and feel good through our nontoxic products and mindful services — so let’s talk about the perks! 

You will also receive:

– 15% discount on all products on the sundays website

– Priority access to all sundays Community Events

– Free Birthday Polish of your choice 


These make awesome gifts for friends and family… and don’t forget a little something for yourself! 


The membership is perfect for folks who regularly enjoys sundays’ nontoxic products and wellness services. We’re offering 3 different packages, so you can find one that is aligned with your needs!  


You can easily sign up in the studio or online and will automatically renew every month. You’re able to cancel your membership at anytime — but why would you want to?


Which membership package is right for you?