Gels without the damage? Here’s how…

Long-lasting, low-maintenance and high-shine – gel polishes are particularly popular this time of year as people get vacay-ready and ready to flaunt more skin (and nails). One of the most common questions we’re asked is “Is Gel Polish bad for my nails?” And while the truth is they CAN cause more harm than regular polish, … Read more

Toxic Chemicals: The Hidden Dangers of Regular Nail Polish

What’s in your polish? With nail salons and drug stores on almost every corner in big cities, it can be tempting to go for what seems like the most convenient nail polish option. But have you ever paid attention to what actually goes into your pretty bottle of color? Unfortunately, what’s convenient is not always … Read more

Zang Toi Fashion Show Nail Art

Sundays is elated to announce another collaboration with atelier Zang Toi for the House of Toi’s Autumn/WInter 2018 debut at New York Fashion Week. This season follows the story of an American beauty traipsing through the alluring city of Rome, and embarking on a passionate, if not ephemeral, romance. The rose-colored glasses highlight the blush … Read more